Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions & Answers:

  • What is SUNSET AUTO CLUB? - SUNSET is a private club for exotic, luxury and high-performance car enthusiasts to embark on fun, open road driving adventure through the finest scenic byways and back roads. Just for a few hours, we drive together as a group throughout Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and beyond to a variety of destinations.
  • Who can join the club? - We are an all-inclusive exotic, luxury and high-performance auto club with a variety of car makes and models that meets our style and quality criteria.
  • Do I have to live in the DMV area to join? - No, our events span beyond the Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C area so anybody from anywhere can join as long as you are able to join us for events. Our events usually involve multiple stops at different locations all over the Mid-Atlantic and beyond so you can meet up with us at a stop most convenient to you.
  • What are the benefits of joining the club? ADVENTURE: From scenic drives to car rallies, experience the thrill of an open road adventure with great views within and across state lines.

    FUN: Great time and laid-back vibe of fun with friends and other car enthusiasts

    EVENTS: Access to many events such as Scenic Drive/Run, Rally, Cars & Coffee, Track Day, Auto Exhibitions, Food, Sports, Fundraisers, Community Festivals and much more.

    FRIENDSHIP: Meet like-minded individuals and form a new, long lasting bond and friendship.

    DISCOUNTS: Enjoy discounted rates on products and services by our sponsors and partners.
  • Is there a membership fee? - Yes, there is a one-time membership fee of $100. There are no additional monthly and/or annual dues.
  • Are your events free? - All events hosted by Sunset Auto Club and other organizations may have a registration fee/cost associated to attend. Individuals attending club hosted events are responsible for paying their own way into them.
  • What does the registration fee cover? - Meals, Premium Car Decals, Detailed Route Card, Professional Photography, Drone Videography, Club Merchandise, 2-Way Radio Rental and Giveaways.
  • Who can attend the events? - We host our own events as well as attend other public and open ones hosted by other organizations. Club members can bring their family, friends and guests as co-pilots/passengers to all events including members-only events.
  • What sets SUNSET apart from other auto clubs? - Our club is all inclusive and not limited to any specific make and/or model. Our events are very organized with the most beautiful roads and scenery. There are no annual/monthly membership fees, no mandatory meetings, no strict rules and no discrimation. We are all about having fun with high performance cars, enjoying the open road and good people. Here at SUNSET, no person is above another and no car is better than the next. We treat each other with respect and drive together as a group, One Nation Under Sunset!
  • How long are the drives for these events? - We try to keep the drives short and sweet. Just for a few hours (2-4 hours), we get together and enjoy fun, scenic backroads and highways and everyone can get back to their lives.
  • Do you always meet at same location? - No, we mix up our meet up locations all over Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC to make it convenient for all our participants to join the fun.
  • How often do club members meet? - We meet at least twice a month for an event (drive/rally/cruise). Members are not obligated to attend events but highly encouraged as we would like to get everyone's input and feedback on events to make the club fun for all.
  • I do not have a high performance car but will like to be involved, how can I? - We could always use volunteers, sponsors and partners for administration, planning, preparation and coordination of club functions. You may also request to be a co-pilot on our drives. If you feel that you could be a good contributor to the club, email us at to find out where you can help.
  • Do you host events (drives/rallies) for other organizations? - Yes, we have worked with a variety of organizations such as dealerships, companies, non-profits, social clubs and more to set up scenic drives and rallies all over the Mid-Atlantic and across the country. We'll handle all the route planning and logistics so you can relax and have no worries.
  • How can I join the club? - New members can apply to join the club online and must adhere to the club principles.
    See the following link to join the club: Sunset Membership Request. Once payment has been completed, you will be re-directed to a MeetUp page where you may proceed with membership fee. Payment will be refunded if your membership request is not approved.
  • How can I become a sponsor? - Please select from available sponsorship packages from the following link:

One Nation Under Sunset!